Healthy Practice Programme

A 6 month support programme for practices in Humber & North Yorkshire and West Yorkshire - helping practices to improve culture and communication within their teams

The Healthy Practice Programme is a 6 month support programme which compliments the Wellbeing Education Model delivered by GPMplus.

This programme provides upstream preventative support which helps practices to be ‘a good place to work, and a good place to be a patient’, focussing on the following 5 domains:

  • Wellbeing
  • Leadership 
  • Quality Patient Services
  • Practice Management
  • Practice Infrastructure

You will be allocated a named Healthy Practice facilitator and will also be provided with a range of tools including a managed culture survey and a self-assessment gap analysis. 

Applications for the September 2023 cohort of the programme are now closed. Practices can still submit an expression of interest form that we will keep on file for any future cohorts

What do our ‘Healthy Practices’ say about the programme?

“The self assessment tool was very clear and helped us to evidence how far we’d come as a team”

“The way that the data was reported and broken down was invaluable”

“Fabulous support from our facilitator and the rest of the GPMplus team”

To help practices to become a ‘healthy practice’ we provide the following resources:


    • Self assessment tool
    • Practice development plan
    • Practice culture survey including analysis reports and a fortnightly ‘temperature check’

Personalised support:

    • 1:1 support –

Each practice will be allocated a Healthy Practice Facilitator who will work with the Practice leadership team throughout the programme

    • Peer support –

Practices will be invited to regularly meet with other practices undertaking the programme, to provide and receive peer support; to share ideas, successes and challenges.

Wellbeing Education:

    • Access to, and guidance in how to best utilise, the wellbeing education model across whole practice teams.
    • The wellbeing education model is designed to impart skills to enable improvements in practice cultures rather than just increase attendees knowledge. This should contribute to improving retention in General Practice by providing support in the 3 areas listed below:
      • Personal resilience – offering support to individuals working within General Practice and decreasing the risk of burnout through tools and techniques in mindfulness, positive psychology and resilience
      • Teams resilience – providing tools and techniques to leaders in General Practice to support them in creating a healthy culture through effective leadership, engagement and values
      • Systems resilience – supporting leaders in General Practice to ensure they have robust systems in place to ensure the workstreams above can be successfully embedded within an organisation and to ensure patient and staff needs are met.

The programme is fully funded, through support from commissioners. There is the option for practices to purchase additional elements such as education tailored and delivered to your team only, or purchasing additional facilitation time, for example support from a healthy practice facilitator to plan and deliver a team away day. Although these additional services are available for practices to purchase, they are entirely optional.

The facilitated time commitment is approximately 12 hours over the 6 months, however for the programme to be successful there will be a need for the practice team to commit some time internally too – see our brochure above for more details on the time commitment and the timetable

  • Practices that are happy with the schedule and commitments identified in the brochure
  • Practices that have the agreement and support of their partnership to take part in the programme
  • Practices that wish to bring about positive change within their teams, particularly around culture and communication
  • Practices that wish to understand more about the wellbeing of their teams and staff, and how this can impact on other areas within the practice

The healthy practice programme provides you with support and tools to bring about positive change within your teams. It also requires input and commitment from within the practice for it to be successful.

The programme is not a fully facilitated change/performance management programme, where an external facilitator comes in and leads on and implements changes on behalf of a practice.

If your practice is currently facing significant difficulties and requires someone to lead on change and performance management on your behalf, this programme will not be suitable for you at this time.

Please read the brochure and then complete the expression of interest form (above) and return it to

Yes, you can access the self assessment tool, the practice development plan and the wellbeing education without signing up to the supported 6 month programme.

To access the self assessment tool and the practice development plan please contact

To access the wellbeing education click here


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