Courses by Date:

APRIL 2024

23rd April – Personal Resilience 

May 2024

1st May- Team Wellbeing – Huddles and Civility FULLY BOOKED

3rd May- Personal Wellbeing 

7th May- Recovery From Adverse Events 

14th May- Team Leadership and Engagement 

14th May- Financial and Business Resilience

15th May- Tiny Habits for Wellbeing   FULLY BOOKED

21st May- Having Better Conversations

24th May- The Green Practice

29th May- Successful Complaints Management

30th May- Financial and Business Resilience

31st May- Conflict on the Frontline FULLY BOOKED

June 2024

5th June- New to General Practice Partnership

5th June- Burnout: Prevent and Repair FULLY BOOKED

6th June- 1/3/5 Year Business Planning

11th June- Team Leadership and Engagement

12th June- Team Resilience

14th June- Neurodiversity – Inclusivity in the Workplace

18th June – Effective Appraisals

19th June- Contingency Planning for Crisis Aversion

20th June- Practice Systems Resilience

25th June- Having Better Conversations

26th June- Tiny Habits for Wellbeing

27th June- Conflict on the Frontline

28th June- Personal Resilience

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